Membership Application and Fees


FIRST. The membership application (available in the foyer area of the front office, or download below) must be filled out completely, signed, and sent in an envelope to the SCW office with a check for:

  • $200 Annual Basic Skating Membership (Includes 3 sessions)
  • or $100 Annual Social Membership (No Skating) Individual or Family.
  • *PLUS: The first payment of the monthly ice fee* for the Ice Use Fees category chosen.

*Visa and MasterCard can be used for these fees.

The envelope can also be deposited in the locked mailbox on the front office door.

When the completed application and appropriate fees are received, skating privileges may begin for the candidate (and family, if a multiple membership is chosen).

The Membership Application is available for download or may be picked up in the foyer area near the offices.

Download Membership Application

SECOND. The Membership Chairperson posts candidates’ names on the Membership bulletin board in the Snack Bar for 30 days prior to consideration for membership elections by the Board of Directors. If a candidate is changing Home Club from another rink, the candidate must get a club officer or test chairperson to send SCW a letter indicating that the candidate is a member in good standing at the previous club.

THIRD. Prior to election by the Board, each candidate may be requested to meet with the Membership Committee Chairperson in order to become familiar with the policies and procedures of SCW. A form for volunteer opportunities should be completed for areas of interest which would benefit the club as well as provide an opportunity to become acquainted with other members.

Refer to the “SCW Handbook” tab at our website for any questions about membership details, rules and regulations. If you have any additional questions, please contact the SCW office or Membership Chairperson.

Please contact the SCW office if you have not been contacted by the Membership Chairperson, if you need more specific information or need to have questions answered about the above-mentioned procedures, you may e-mail the Membership Chairperson, Kathy Snyder; Click to Email Kathy Snyder

Effective September 2019 – August 2020

Membership Categories Annual Membership Dues Monthly Ice Fees Session Limits
Basic Member $200 $0 3 Sessions included
then $14/Session
Book of 10 for $140
Social Member
Individual or Family
$100 $0 No Skating
 Bronze Member
6 Session/month
Individual or Family
$200 + $78 6 Sessions/mo.
 Silver Member
14 Session/month
Individual or Family
$200 + $170 14 Sessions/mo.
 Gold Member
26 Session/month
Individual or Family
$200 + $300 26 Sessions/mo.
Platinum Member
Unlimited $200 Ind. = +$550/mo.
Family =  +$610/mo.
Unlimited Skating
Membership downgrades are permitted once per season (year) and must be approved by the Board of Directors. The charge for downgrading is the equivalent of one month’s ice fees at the previous level. There is no fee for membership upgrades.

The Membership Application is available for download or may be picked up in the foyer area near the offices.

Download Membership Application