Sharper Edge Skate Shop

Sharper Edge Skate ShopSharper Edge Skate Shop is a full service expert skate shop. We offer mounting, punching, stretching, expert sharpening and waterproofing.

Blade Sharpening & Boot Service Fees

Sharpening Competitive/High Level Blades: $30.00
Recreational Skates: $18.00
Hockey Skates: $10.00
Plugging $2.00 each
Punching $1.00 each
Mounting $40.00 / pair
Remove Blades $10.00 / pair
Remove Broken Screws $15.00
Blade Adjustment Fee $50.00
Waterproofing $25.00 / pair
Heat molding $10.00 / pair
Boot Stretching
(length and/or width)
$25.00 / pair

No charge the first time only when boots & blades are purchased from the SCW Skate Shop

Please Note: Sharpening/mounting, etc. are done on Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays only.

Remember to make an appointment for any skate services.