Sharper Edge Skate Shop

Sharper Edge Skate ShopSharper Edge Skate Shop is a full service expert skate shop. We offer mounting, punching, stretching, expert sharpening and waterproofing.

New Products in the Skate Shop

Zigzagz Blade Covers

High Tech Socks for Skaters
Quik Dry and Odor Resistant

Blade Sharpening & Boot Service Fees

Sharpening Competitive/High Level Blades: $30.00
Recreational Skates: $18.00
Hockey Skates: $10.00
Plugging $2.00 each
Punching $1.00 each
Mounting $40.00 / pair
Remove Blades $10.00 / pair
Remove Broken Screws $15.00
Blade Adjustment Fee $50.00
Waterproofing $25.00 / pair
Heat molding $10.00 / pair
Boot Stretching
(length and/or width)
$25.00 / pair

No charge the first time only when boots & blades are purchased from the SCW Skate Shop

Please Note: Sharpening/mounting, etc. are done on Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays only.

Remember to make an appointment for any skate services.