Figure Skating Coaches at SCW

Ronnie Biancosino : Figure Skating Coach

Ronnie Biancosino

Figure Skating Coach
(410) 441-0791

International Coach, National Coach, Jr. National Coach; Coaching since 1999; 6-time National Competitor, 2-time National Medalist; Coaching Freestyle, Pairs, Moves in the Field, Pole Harness, Video Analysis

 Rates available upon request.
Stuart Bradley : Figure Skating Coach

Stuart Bradley

Figure Skating Coach
(610) 348-2828

Gold Level 10 Freestyle & Elements since 1993; British National & International competitor since 1990; Professional skater in Winter Wonderland (David Saxe Productions, 2004-2005); Holiday on Ice (Greg Thompson Productions, 2001-2002), Anastasia on Ice (20th Century Fox, 1998-1999), Beauty & the Beast (Walt Disney on Ice, 1998 & 1995); Starlight Express (1997), Wizard of Oz on Ice (1995-1996), and European Spectacles (Monte Carlo & Paris, 1994-1995); Coach at Philadelphia Skating Club & H.S. (Ardmore) since 2001 and Skatetown in Havertown, PA since 1999; Private & group instructor for Preliminary through Senior levels, choreographing free style and interpretive competitions.

Rates:20 min. - $22.6030 min. - $34.001 hour - $68.00
Alex Clark : Figure Skating Coach

Alex Clark

Figure Skating Coach
Jeff Czarnecki : Figure Skating Coach

Jeff Czarnecki

Figure Skating Coach
(302) 897-9979

National, Adult National & Junior National Coach; National Junior & Senior Dance Competitor; National Dance Medalist; Gold Test Medalist in Dance & Moves in the Field; Junior Free Skating Test Medalist; Fifth Figure Test; PSA Rated

Rates:Rates available upon request
Jennifer Eppes : Figure Skating Coach

Jennifer Eppes

Figure Skating Coach
(302) 691-3591

Jennifer has passed the 8th Figure, Senior Free Skating and Gold Dance tests, and has competed at the Regional and National Collegiate level.  Coaching since 1988, she currently holds Master Moves in the Field, Master Group, Certified Free Skating ratings and a Regional level ranking from the Professional Skaters Association, as well as B.A. and M.Ed. degrees from the University of Delaware. Jennifer has guided students from the basic skills levels through the USFS testing structure and to multiple Philadelphia Area and South Atlantic (NQ) titles. She is currently available as a coach for recreational skaters, low-level competitors and skaters wishing to test all levels of Freestyle and Moves in the Field.

Rates:20 min. - $23.0030 min. - $35.00
25 min. - $29.0050 min. - $58.00
Dirke Hill : Figure Skating Coach

Dirke Hill

Figure Skating Coach
(410) 920-9991



Rates:20 min. - $27.0030 min. - $40.0040 min. - $53.0050 min. - $67.001 hour - $80.00

* Special introductory rate for new students in basic skills levels 1-6.  Ten - 40 minute private lesson package for $400 ($60/hr.).

Before starting my coaching career in 2003 I had a successful competitive freestyle career during which I was a U.S. National Championship Medalist, Junior World Competitor, World Championship competitor and a New Zealand National Champion. I’ve earned my USFS Gold Medal in both Moves and the Field and Freestyle. As the co-founder of TaDa Ice Productions I produced and performed in Longwood Gardens “Skating Under the Stars” for over 3 years.

As a coach my philosophy is to create a fun and positive environment where skaters can realize their full potential and find success in the sport however they define it. I emphasize sound technique and discipline with the belief that a strong foundation is necessary from the basic skills level upward. I specialize in freestyle, Moves in the Field, and choreography.

I enjoy working with skaters of all ages and abilities whether for recreation or competition. To date my clientele has included a range of athletes from the basic skills level to Junior National, Senior – Gold Test, and collegiate competitors. Please email or call for current availability.

Jamie Loper : Figure Skating Coach

Jamie Loper

Figure Skating Coach
(302) 983 4737
Andrew Newberry : Figure Skating Coach

Andrew Newberry

Figure Skating Coach
(302) 563-1197

1982 British Primary Ice Dance Champion; 1983 British Junior Bronze Medalist; US Gold Medalist in Ice Dance; US National, International, and Junior National Coach; Coached students to 4 US National Medals and 4 International Medals including 2003 US Intermediate Dance Champions and 2006 British Solo Ice Dance Champion; Coached on the World Junior Grand Prix Circuit for the US Team; Member of the Professional Skaters Association; Currently on the US Figure Skating Ice Dance Committee

Coaching Fees:30 min. - $39.0060 min. - $78.00
Viktor Pfeifer : Figure Skating Coach

Viktor Pfeifer

Figure Skating Coach
(302) 656-5005

Three-time Olympian; 8-time World and European competitor; 8-time Austrian national champion; Free skating coach; PSA certified

Rates available upon request.


Courtney Richardson : Figure Skating Coach

Courtney Richardson

Figure Skating Coach
(610) 909-1350

Gold Test Medalist in Moves in the Field and Dance; Completed 4 International Dance Tests; CER Certified; PSA & USFSA Member; Experienced coaching offered for Freestyle, Moves in the Field, Dance, Synchronized Skating, basic Choreography, Group & Semi-Private lessons as well; Coaching since 2000

Coaching Fees:20 min. - $23.0040 min. - $46.0060 min. - $69.00
Irina Romanova : Choreographer

Irina Romanova

(302) 761-9155

National, World and Olympic coach and choreographer, 5-Time Ukrainian National Champion, European Bronze Medalist, World Team Member and Two-Time Olympian. Lessons provided in choreography, presentation and skating skills.

Coaching Fees:20 min. - $34.0040 min. - $68.0060 min. - $102.00


Irina Shoumeikina : Ballet Instruction

Irina Shoumeikina

Ballet Instruction
(302) 559-9634

It's no surprise that most professional athletes use ballet in their training. It improves coordination, balance, strength, posture and flexibility. Anyone can take classes, and the exercises are relatively easy on your knees and back.

Irina trained at the Choreographic School of the Theater of Opera and Ballet in Kazan, Russia.  After graduating, she danced as a ballet Soloist in the Theater of Dance in Kazan. In 1977 she graduated from the St. Petersburg State Institute of Culture. Following this, she became Ballet Mistress/Coreographer and lead instriuctor at the Theater of Dance in Donesk, Ukraine. Upon moving to the United States in 1996, Irina became Mistress at the International Ballet Theater of Performing Arts.

Irina has been teaching ballet to ice skaters since 1997.

Laura Stefanik : Figure Skating Coach

Laura Stefanik

Figure Skating Coach

Laura was a competitive member of the University of Delaware's Collegiate Freestyle team from 2004 - 2008. In 2005 and 2007, she won the Collegiate National Championships at the Junior level. She has also earned her Senior Moves-in-the-Field and Freestyle Gold medals.

As a high school science teacher outside of the rink, Laura believes in helping her skating students achieve a healthy balance between skating and academics. She welcomes students of all ages and abilities. Interested students should call or email for availability.

Rates:20 min. - $23.0025 min. - $28.0030 min. - $34.0040 min. - $45.0050 min. - $56.00

*Skaters in Basics 1-6 may sign up for an introductory package of ten 30-minute lessons for $30 ($60/hour).

Emily Walsh : Synchronized Skating Coach

Emily Walsh

Synchronized Skating Coach
Sara Weymouth : Figure Skating Coach

Sara Weymouth

Figure Skating Coach

PSA Master Rated Coach in Freestyle and Moves in the Field; National (Level IV), Junior National, Collegiate National & Qualifying Adult National Coach; Primary Coach of the 2008 Novice Ladies Sectional Champion and Junior Ladies Pewter Medalist Champion; Primary coach of the 2006 & 2007 Junior Ladies Collegiate Champion; Gold Test Medalist in Freestyle & Figures; Pre Gold Dance & Intermediate Pairs Test Medalist; Pilates-certified, Pilates Inc., New York City; Continuing education in the science of movement; B.A. in Social Science at Michigan State University, 1994; Coaching since 1991; Teaching services include but are not limited to Freestyle, Moves, Spins, Stroking, Harness, off-ice training/jumping/stretching, etc.; Music editing services available to all skaters while arranging and editing services available to full-time students.

Rates available upon request

Igor Yaroshenko : Figure Skating Coach

Igor Yaroshenko

Figure Skating Coach
(302) 475-1921

World Junior, International, National, & Junior National Dance Coach; Two-time Olympian; Goodwill Games Champion; World and European competitor; Five-time Ukrainian National Dance Champion;  Gold Test Medalist in Moves in the Field; Degree in Physical Education

*On-ice / Off-ice Fees:20 min. - $32.0025 min. - $40.0030 min. - $48.0035 min. - $56.0040 min. - $64.0045 min. - $72.0050 min. - $80.0055 min. - $88.0060 min. - $96.00

* Moves-in-the-Field, Freestyle, Free Dance Tests, and Competitions are a 30 min. charge per event or per dance + expenses (divided between participating students. Practice time at competitions: regular rate.

Leslie Boyer Yeager : Figure Skating Coach

Leslie Boyer Yeager

Figure Skating Coach
(302) 762-2054

Teaching experience since 1974: Recreational, Test/Competitive and Power Hockey.
Available for: Private, Semi-Private, Group, Camps, and Parties.
Youth through Adult /Seniors.

MIF/Edge/Stroking, Jump Technique/Harness, Spins, Choreography with Emphasis on Personal Style and Traditional Figure Basics.
Instructed Regional through National Competitors and Gold Test Level.
Power Hockey Focus: Skill, Technique, Agility, and Speed
Work with Individual, Group, Camps, including: Pascack Valley Youth Hockey Association, CAHA Youth Hockey, V.O.S.H.A Power Seminar, and Arapahoe Youth Hockey.

  • U.S.F.S.A Gold Medallist / Figures & Free Skating / Gold Dance & Free Dance
  • C.F.S.A Gold Medallist / Figures & Free Skating / Gold Dance
  • PSA Senior-rated Figure & Free Skating, Sports Science & Medicine Master level
  • PSA Level II Coach, PSA –Rated Hockey Accreditation I & II.

My motivation is to provide quality instruction, combining traditional and innovative approaches to fundamentals and critical elements, along side the challenge and enjoyment that develops a well-rounded skater.

  • Member of United States Figure Skating Association
  • Member Of Professional Skaters Association


  • Learn To Skate

  • Group Instruction

    SCW Coaches are PSA professionals who follow USFSA skating guidelines and rules. All of them offer private lessons and you’ll see many of them teaching group lessons as well. You can begin in any disciplines of skating such as those offered in Basic Skills, Freestyle, Dance, Moves-in-the-Field, Synchronized Skating, and Hockey. Ballet is also offered because it teaches the positions, grace and balance that are so important in figure skating. Once a skater has passed all the Basic Skills levels, they can prepare for Testing, Competition or develop an exercise routine purely for fun and recreation. Your coach can help you develop a program to meet of those needs.


  • Choosing A Coach

    Consider a favorite coach from the list shown above, follow a personal recommendation, or refer to the Club Office for advice. A printed list of coaches is also available in the office alcove. Once you have decided, contact one of our coaches directly to arrange lessons either during a Public Session or you may want to consider any of the options open to membership in the Club so you may skate in less crowded regular Club Sessions. If you want to try out a variety of coaches to see which one is right for you or your child(ren), let the coaches know that you are undecided. This is perfectly acceptable and a normal process, but do communicate to the coaches that you are undecided and will make a decision at a later date. Even when you decide on a specific coach or coaches, let them know about your expectations and whether they are realistic or not. It is also not unusual to decide on several coaches for an extended period of time. Again, you are advised to communicate your decision to those coaches to avoid mixed signals.


  • What is a Private Lesson?

    Typically, private lessons are 20-30 minutes long depending on the total length of a skating session. In Group Lessons the lessons are shared between other skaters. As the skill level progresses, you may work with more than one coach to cover a range of skating disciplines and get a different perspective. Sometimes, having one coach say something differently from another on the same technique will help a skater better understand the subtlety of a specific skating move.


    Payment to coaches are arranged individually with each coach either after each lesson, once a week, or billed monthly. Parents or skaters pay the coach directly. The Club Office is not involved in payment to coaches for private lessons. Coaches will contact you if they are unable to fulfill a private lesson commitment. Please let your coach know if the skater cannot make a scheduled lesson. You are responsible for un-cancelled lessons. Usually, if you do not show up for a lesson that was scheduled previously, you are expected to pay the coach for that un-cancelled lesson because they have allocated that time only for you. However, check with your individual coach or coaches to find out what their cancellation policy is and how to contact the coach if you do need to cancel a lesson.


  • Junior Coaches

    Junior coaches are defined as those coaches who are qualified and certified by the Club to teach in the Group Lessons program, but they have limited privileges in teaching private lessons due to their younger age and limited coaching (teaching) experience. However, they are qualified to coach because of their skating expertise and knowledge of figure skating techniques, and they may only teach private lessons to Group Lesson students who wish to further improve or more quickly improve their figure skating skills.

     The advantages of using Junior Coaches are that new skaters, who are often young children, may relate better with a young coach than working with an adult coach, besides the added benefit of paying a reduced private lesson fee.


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