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Frequently Asked Questions

What do private lessons cost?
There are two fees associated with private lessons:

  1. Ice time fee payable to the rink (this covers the cost of the ice you use (e.g., club ice session or public session) with prices ranging from $6-$18 depending on the session type.
  2. Coaching fee payable to the coach (discuss lesson rate fees and preferred method of payment in advance of the lesson); coaches are independent contractors and set their own rates. These rates typically range from $40-$60 per 40 minute lesson.

What is the length of a private lesson?
How many minutes the private lesson lasts is entirely up to you and the coach involved. Most coaches do 40 minute lessons, but some can do 20 or 30 minute lessons, depending on the student’s age, level, selected session, and the coach’s scheduling availability.

When can private lessons be scheduled?
Club sessions are ideal times to have private lessons. Although encouraged, you do not have to be a member to schedule a private lesson during club sessions. Ice time is typically available weekdays from 6 am – 6 pm, Saturdays 12:20-3:00 and Sundays, 8:30-12:50. First timers and beginning skaters up through Basic 6 can take lessons on Public skating sessions with the exception of Friday evenings.

Must I commit to a set number of lessons in advance?
As independent contractors, coaches set their own business policies. Most are comfortable doing a trial lesson or two to see how it goes for the student. If you are undecided on whether you will want to pursue regular weekly lessons or whether you wish to try out other coaches to assess the best fit  before a longer-term commitment, be sure to communicate this to the coach (es) so they understand your intentions.

What should I discuss with a prospective private coach?
Inform the coach of your purpose in seeking lessons and state experience, age and level. If you are taking lessons elsewhere, have had another coach or are planning a change, please be courteous and respectful by informing both parties. Be sure to ask a prospective coach the lesson rate, payment terms, and cancellation policies as well.