SCW and the United Way

SCW, SCW Foundation and UNITED WAY

United Way of Delaware has joined United Way of Southeastern Pennsylvania in giving our Delaware donors another way to support our competitive skaters at SCW. We have been approved as an “unaffiliated agency” of United Way. This means that funds have to be specifically directed to the United Way agency by the donor as opposed to “affiliated agencies” which get a percentage of all undesignated funds into United Way.

Simply by designating The Skating Club of Wilmington under Account Number: 2101814, donations will go to SCW which in turn deposits it into the SCW Foundation’s General Fund Account.

You may elect to either receive or not receive an acknowledgement from the SCW Foundation. We recommend requesting an acknowledgement which will be mailed to you as soon as we receive the donation acknowledgement from United Way.

If you live in Southeastern Pennsylvania, you may continue to allocate a percentage of your United Way dollars to United Way of Southeastern Pennsylvania’s Donor Choice Program using Account Number 8530-“SCW Foundation.” United Way of Chester County uses Account Number 198531 to designate the SCW Foundation.

Thank you in advance for your financial support which is critical in our efforts to provide financial assistance to our skaters, and please, don’t forget the SCW Foundation when doing estate planning or if you have items of value that you wish to donate. If it is skating-related or if it is a hardly used high-value item such as lawnmowers, snowblowers, chippers, VCR’s, etc., we can sell it, and you get a tax deduction.