The Skating Club of Wilmington Club Rules



1. Those using The Skating Club of Wilmington facilities are expected to have good manners, language, and be considerate of others so that everyone can enjoy the club.

2. The Club assumes no liability for lost articles, injury, or damage.

3. No eating or drinking in the rink area, locker rooms, or rest rooms. Exceptions are: (1) skaters may use covered plastic bottles and (2) coaches may have food and drink along the barrier. NO FOOD OR DRINKS ARE ALLOWED ON THE ICE, NOR ARE GLASS BOTTLES PERMITTED IN THE RINK AREA.

4. NO SMOKING is allowed anywhere in the building. This is an athletic facility which is concerned about the conditioning of its skaters.

5. BY ORDER OF THE BOARD OF HEALTH, no changing of skates in the Snack Bar.

6. NO skates allowed on any stairs or bleachers.

7. No running or rollerblading allowed anywhere in the Club.

8. No skateboarding or street hockey allowed in the parking lot.

9. No objects may be thrown anywhere in the building.

10. Children under 8 years of age must be accompanied while on SCW property by a responsible adult.

11. Children under 6 must be accompanied on the ice by an adult wearing skates (no adults allowed on junior sessions).

12. No pets allowed in the building at any time.

13. All members of the Rules & Ice Committee, monitors designated by them, coaches, and hockey coaches have the authority to enforce the rules. IN THEIR ABSENCE, THE STAFF HAS THIS AUTHORITY. Complaints are to be directed to the Rules & Ice Committee, not to the monitors.

14. EVERYONE must leave the ice immediately when the Zamboni reaches the ice.

15. MUSIC BOX – When attendance is heavy and demand is great, coaches must use portable tape players when working on parts of programs or dances. The volume of any sound equipment must be reasonable. Every skater deserves a fair turn at the music box. No skater or coach should monopolize it. On crowded free skating sessions, coaches may play a program only ONCE during a lesson.

16. If any activity or session is filled, priority is given on the basis of Gold Membership seniority.

17. Safe skating is enforced and kicking holes in the ice is forbidden.

18. Holes in the ice must be filled by skaters before the session ends.

19. All skaters and coaches must yield to the skater whose program music is being played. It is each coach’s responsibility to be sure his or her skaters are taught how to do this.

20. Anytime a skater consistently or deliberately violates a rule, he or she may be told to leave the ice for the balance of the session.

21. Lessons are to be given on compatible sessions unless permission is given beforehand by the Rules and Ice Committee. If a lesson is allowed on an incompatible session, the skater may not use the ice except for the lesson and a 5-minute warm-up.

22. Only members of SCW’s coaching staff and approved guest coaches may utilize the jump harness.

23. Video equipment will not be utilized while on the ice surface unless permission from Rules and Ice or Rink Management is sought prior to the session the equipment is to be used.

24. Skating is to be done only on sessions compatible with the discipline a skater is practicing, with his or her skill level as determined by USFSA tests, or with his or her age.

25. Please be aware that stepping onto the ice with your skates constitutes use of that session whether you are on it for 50 seconds or 50 minutes. It will count as one full session used as part of your paid ice time!

26. BY ORDER OF THE BOARD OF HEALTH, no styling or combing of hair in the snack bar.

27. Only members of SCW’s coaching staff and approved guest coaches may be present in the hockey boxes during regular session/coaching hours unless given permission by Club Management.

28. There is no use of cell phone cameras or any camera or video devices permitted in the locker rooms.

29. All Safesport rules must be followed . See detailed rules: The Skating Club of Wilmington > About Us > SafeSport Program.