Bridge Program

Summer Bridge 2024 Info - Final

What is “Bridge?”
Bridge is an extension of SCW’s group lesson program, bridging the gap from Basic Skills ice skating to beginning figure skating. Utilizing the Learn to Skate USA’s Free Skate Curriculum, classes focus on essential skating skills, jumps, and spins that are necessary elements and components of Singles free skating, and other forms of advanced figure skating. The continuation of group learning provides more cost effective options for beginners, builds peer connections and friendships, and can serve as a beneficial supplement to skaters already taking private lessons, by providing additional instruction, vital off-ice training, and additional practice time.


Who can participate?
All skaters who have passed Basic 6 are qualified to move into Bridge. Interested skaters may enter the program early, upon completion of Basic 4 or Adult 4. Skaters will be grouped according to ability and/or age from Basic 5 through Free Skate 6, as well as early competitive levels of United States Figure Skating (Aspire 1-4 through Excel Preliminary).


What makes Bridge different from Basic Skills Group Lessons?
Bridge classes provide more ice utilization and space for aspiring figure skaters to explore their potential. Beyond Basic 6, the levels contain more advanced skills, with a free skating concentration. Bridge also includes off-ice training, covering topics such as proper dynamic warm-up, age appropriate strength training, conditioning, flexibility, balance, and agility, as well as off-ice jump technique. Off-ice classes take place upstairs in Mitchell Lounge. Adult-specific stretching and ballet class is planned in our ballet room. With built-in practice time conducive to figure skating (as opposed to recreational Public sessions), skaters also gain independence and develop self-motivation as they work towards their goals.


What equipment and attire is necessary to take part?

All participants must have sufficient quality figure skates. If you are unsure if your current skates qualify, please check with our Skating
Director, your current group instructor, or your private coach (if applicable) for guidance. SCW can order instructional appropriate Jackson or Riedell skates; call the office at (302) 656-5005 and ask for an appointment to be measured and sized correctly so an order can be placed.

Leggings or skating pants, athletic tops, skating dresses, skirts, and fitted skating jackets are ideal. Jeans, loose-fitting sweatpants, and oversized hoodies are NOT appropriate for figure skating training. Instructors need to be able to see skaters’ body alignment easily, and skaters need fitted clothing that allows for freedom of movement. Long hair should be kept out of face and vision, secured with an elastic band.

How will testing occur in Summer Bridge?
Like our Basic Skills classes, participants in our Summer Bridge package will receive a progress report on their final week (Skaters may request one early, if they will be absent on the final week). The badges that mark the skater’s accomplishment will be given when a level is completed at no added cost. Before an evaluation, a skater should first check with their private coach, if applicable, for approval to test.

Have more questions?
Please reach out to Skating Director, Jennifer Eppes at
or call the SCW Office at (302) 656-5005