Bridge Program

Introducing SCW’s “BRIDGE” Program!

for the development of Singles Free Skating and other forms of figure skating
**All participants must own sufficient quality figure skates**

Our brand new BRIDGE group lesson program creates a pathway for developing figure skaters, bridging the gap from Basic Skills to Singles figure skating by teaching students the jumps, spins, and more advanced skating skills they need to progress on their figure skating journey. With 2 program package options, BRIDGE also offers cost-effective options for beginning figure skaters and their families.

Who is the program for?
All skaters who have passed Basic 6 are ready to move to our BRIDGE Program! The curriculum is geared for LTS USA Pre FS through Free Skate 6 levels, as well as early competitive levels of United States Figure Skating (Beginner through Preliminary Excel). Interested skaters may enter the program early, upon completion of Basic 4. Skaters will be grouped according to ability to boost instructional gains and participant camaraderie. Adults who have passed Adult 5 or 6 are also welcome to participate.

Why join BRIDGE?
While learning in groups, skaters make connections, build friendships, and further their skill development, while also exposing them to vital off-ice training. This added training will include topics such as proper dynamic warm-up, strength training, conditioning, stretching and flexibility, agility and balance, as well as off-ice jump technique, which will all enhance and accelerate free skating skill. Our BRIDGE BASIC package replaces our LTS Free Skate group classes, adds the off-ice training, and includes practice on any pre-booked ice session of choice. Our BRIDGE EDGE package features two on ice classes, two off-ice classes, and two practice sessions per week, while also allowing for an introduction to rotating exploratory topics such as musical interpretation, artistic presentation, testing and competition preparation, introduction to ice dance, and much more! Parent education sessions will also be offered regularly throughout the program.

How does one get started in BRIDGE?

Review the two packages (Basic & Edge) and choose your plan. The program is designed for full-season participation (30 weeks, September—May) for maximum benefit.


  • On and Off-ice Group instruction, with additional practice sessions built into one convenient plan
  • 2 Package options designed to appeal to various commitment levels, schedules, and budgets
  • Easy, affordable introduction to figure skating
  • Wide range of practice times offers scheduling flexibility
  • Parent Education meetings and support
  • World Class Instructional Staff
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